NFC payment ring now available to pre-order


Remember that NFC Ring Kickstarter from three years ago? Well the payment ring is now finally ready for prime time, as pre-orders have kicked off today with support for mobile payments.

The new NFC payment ring is primarily designed to work with wireless payment systems, without the need to whip out our credit card or smartphone. Once it’s all set-up, you wont even need your phone close by to use the ring, as it uses anonymous tokens to makepayments.The ring meets EMVCo’s contactless performance requirements, ensuring support for a range of VISA cards from a selection of banks.

There are a few others cool uses for the NFC Ring too. It can unlock your smartphone or tablet with a quick tap to the back of your phone. If you have an NFC enabled door lock, you can get in and out of your house without fumbling with keys. You can also use the ring to share WiFi information, link to websites, pictures, and contact information with other NFC devices.

If you’re interested, two NFC Ring models are available pre-order in three different colors and a huge selections of ring sizes. Prices are set at $53 (£40) for the latest model, and the company is offering 50 percent of all titanium rings this summer.



[Source: Androidauthority]

Android N: 10 new features to look forward to

Android N: 10 new features to look forward to

Google has managed to surprise us by giving an early preview of the Android N. This is the first developer build and there might be a few iterations that will come out before it is made available to users.

For now there is no word on what the N in Android N will stand for but there are a few favourites that have been doing the rounds.

Here are the top 10 features of Android N that we liked the most.


[Source:- Techradar]