MS Paint to be removed in the next Windows 10 update

Microsoft published a list of applications and services that will be removed or deprecated in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. One of the applications stated for deprecation is the 32 year old MS Paint, that has been part of every version of Windows ever made.

After an overwhelming response from users on the internet, Microsoft announced in a blog post that the venerable drawing utility will be removed as part of default software suite but will be available as a download through the Windows Store. Microsoft instead wants users to use Paint 3D, which was introduced earlier this year in the Windows 10 Creators Update and features a much expanded set of drawing tools, including 3D objects.

The new version of Windows will be available later this year in fall.


Microsoft plans to kill off Paint in Windows 10 Fall Creator update

THE tech giant Microsoft looks set to kill its drawing software Paint, which has been a part of Windows for 32 years.

This venerable app has been included on a list of “features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” – the next version of Windows.

We used Paint to make this little memorial to a very popular app

We used Paint to make this little memorial to a very popular app

It has been preinstalled on Windows for more than three decades but is beginning to look a little bit long in the tooth.

Last year, Microsoft issued an update to its Windows 10 software that lets users easily create 3D drawings and pictures.

Paint 3D, a new version of its popular drawing app, makes it easy to sketch in three dimensions.

Sadly, progress inevitably creates victims and poor old school Paint looks set to be consigned to the history books.

The Fall (or Autumn, as we Brits call it) update to Windows will probably be released in October.

Microsoft recently showed off a new £450 Xbox console that’s tipped to top Christmas wish lists.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s first major update for four years – and means its console is now more powerful than arch-rival Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft logo

Windows now comes with drawing software which is more advanced than Paint
In fact, Xbox boss Phil Spencer boasted: “It’s the world’s most powerful console.”

The main “brain” is 30 per cent faster than in the original Xbox One and the chips that deal with graphics are more than four times more powerful.


New Tool Identifies MySQL as Top Database in Software Stacks

MySQL is the most popular database, according to a new tool that ranks various development tools according to their usage in the technology stacks used by various companies.

Three-year-old start-up StackShare Inc. launched its ranking tools this month, including the “StackShare Data Stores Index,” which shows MySQL leading the back by virtue of its inclusion in some 5,480 stacks.

The company says it’s building a LinkedIn for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) arena, with an initial focus on tools used for software development.

Ranking tools are also set up for Application Hosting, Languages & Frameworks and more. Furthermore, developers wishing to explore their own topics of interest can go to the categories page to find more areas under applications and data, utilities, DevOps and Business Tools, all with various sub-categories.

Each category ‘ provides a list of the top offerings ranked by the number of stack and a separate ranking based on the number of active job listings including a tool.

“Essentially these pages serve as a central place that lets users instantly view the top ranking tools in a particular category,” a company spokesperson told ADTMag. “The tools are ranked based on user reviews/feedback/number of stacks, integrations and jobs. This is useful to CTOs and engineers when they are gauging what tools/services will work best for their teams/projects.”

Top Data Stores
[Click on image for larger view.]Top Data Stores (source: StackShare)

Going to the company’s Web ‘ brings up a list of Trending items, showing “What’s hot across StackShare today” (which, today, is Vue.js, followed by Visual Studio and ES6).

“StackShare is the fastest growing community for SaaS tools — we show you all the software a company is using and why,” company literature says. “We’re a developer-only community of engineers, CTOs, and VPEs from some of the world’s top startups. Engineers use StackShare to compare and discover new technologies, while companies use StackShare to connect with engineers. We’re building LinkedIn for the $150B SaaS industry, starting with dev tools.”

Having begun as a side project called Leanstack, StackShare was founded in 2014. A 2013 introductory blog post from when the company was still called Leanstack explains the origin of the project:

Leanstack helps you keep up with the latest and greatest developer services. We show you: which services the most innovative companies in the world are using; let you learn about those services and how they can help you; and send you updates on new services you may be interested in. All in an effort to help make your stack “leaner” and thus, helping to make your company more successful.

Now, the company claims it has data on some 7,000 companies and has attracted more than 150,000 developers to use its services.

Here’s a snapshot of the top entries in some selected ever-changing rankings as they appeared today:

Category Top tool
Application Hosting Tools and Services nginx
Languages and Frameworks Bootstrap
Assets and Media Amazon CloudFront
Libraries jQuery
DevOps GitHub
Mobile Utilities jQuery Mobile
Analytics Utilities Google Analytics
Collaboration Business Tools Google Apps

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for 1105 Media.


Love Mac and Cheese? But What About the Sprinkling of Harmful Chemicals in it?

Love Mac and Cheese? But What About the Sprinkling of Harmful Chemicals in it?

Talk about comfort food and the sinful Mac and Cheese comes to mind. Easy to make and delicious till the last bite, it has been a favourite dish across the globe. There are even readymade Mac and Cheese packs available in the stores to make life easier. But along with your spoonful of macaroni, have you been also taking in a sprinkling of chemicals? In a recent study, experts at the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute joined hands to examine over 1000 male participants who were consuming such cheese products as part of their diet. Traces of phthalates, a harmful chemical commonly used in plastic products, adhesives, soaps, etc, were found in close to 99.6% of the participants.

The prevalence of lifestyle and metabolic ailments like type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure was found to have increased in participants with high phthalate levels. The presence of such chemicals in the body was attributed to consuming food items packed in plastic.
As per a recent study conducted by the Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging, 29 out of 30 cheese products were found to have traces of phthalates with natural cheese products recording the least and processed cheese items containing highest amount of phthalates. “Phthalates can migrate into food products during processing, packaging, and preparation. Phthalates tend to be found at higher levels in highly processed or fatty foods.” noted the report as stated on Kleanupkraft’s webpage.

phthalate via kleanupkraftImage via Kleanupkraft
Though the group of chemicals is never intentionally added to food products, they travel easily from food containers or bottles to the actual food items. These are easily absorbed by body cells and get absorbed into the system.
Phthalates are also capable of disrupting the hormonal balance and cause fertility issues in both men and women. Cheese products were tested for phthalate content as dairy products have been tied to being one of the greatest sources of direct exposure to phthalates (DEHP) in young children and women. The report called for further research to measure phthalate content in various food items and formulation of relevant policies to regulate and monitor the same in food products.


Bus accident kills 10 in Indonesia, traveling from Bali to Java

Image result for Bus accident kills 10 in Indonesia, traveling from Bali to JavaPhoto: Pixabay

At least 10 people, including a foreigner and a child, died when a bus hit the back of truck early Friday as it traveled from the resort island of Bali, police said.

The bus, carrying 34 people, was heading to the town of Malang in East Java in the early morning when it hit the back of a fertilizer truck, killing several of the sleeping passengers.

“Ten people died on impact and nine others were injured,” local police chief Arman Asmara Syarifuddin told AFP.

Among the victims were a 29-year-old Austrian man whose name has not yet been released and a 12-year-old Indonesian girl.

A German tourist was also injured in the accident and has been released from hospital after receiving treatment, Syarifuddin said.

Police have detained and questioned the drivers of the truck and the bus to determine the cause of the accident.

Transport accidents are common in Indonesia, where buses and trains are often old and badly maintained.

At least 11 people were killed and 50 others were injured in April when a bus rammed into several other vehicles in West Java province after a suspected brake failure.


Slow Mac? Could be a hidden memory gobbler in macOS

macos sierra homescreen

Just hours into using my new 27-inch iMac with 32GB of memory, the system felt sluggish. I checked memory usage via the top -u command in Terminal, which showed all 32GB was full. Exclamation point, I said aloud, and launched Activity Monitor to dig in more easily than at the command line.

Sure enough, all memory was in use, and the culprit was something I’d never seen before: Turns out that this service relies on Apple plug-ins to make music and other audio, photos and video, and GarageBand files available throughout macOS, including via the options in the Media section of the Open dialog box’s sidebar.

For some (like me), this service goes out of control and consumes all available memory. It may be related to how large your various libraries are. I have over 50,000 images (225GB) in my Photos Library, 120GB in my old iPhoto library, and 240GB in iTunes (including video recorded over the air).

The amount of memory this service consumes is clearly the result of a memory leak—software that loses track of what memory it’s employing, and keeps burning up more—or out of control activity that’s also a bug. Some folks started reporting problems back in 2014 with the then-new versions of Pages and Numbers.

Fortunately, you can at least halt the runaway train, even if you can’t solve why it’s happening.

  1. Launch Activity Monitor.
  2. In the Memory tab, click the Memory column. That’s where you’ll find any service if it’s eating memory. (You can also use Process Name to find it alphabetically.)
  3. Select the process and click the X button in the upper left.
  4. When the confirmation dialog appears, click Force Quit.

This calms things down for the moment, though it may respawn or become a problem anew the next time you restart your Mac. For a longer-term solution, follow these steps, which will disable some of the import/export options and the Open dialog’s Media browser:

  1. In the Finder, select Go > Go To Folder.
  2. Enter /Library/Application Support/iLifeMediaBrowser/ and press return.
  3. In that folder, you’ll find a Plug-Ins folder. Rename it to Plug-Ins (Disabled).
mac911 media plug in library items

The iLifeMediaBrowser folder has a bunch of plug-ins to help import and export files from Apple software.

Now macOS won’t be able to find and load these plug-ins. If you find you’re missing a media-handling feature you rely on, some people have reported success with re-creating the Plug-Ins folder and only moving selected plug-ins back in to see which is required.

Ask Mac 911

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently along with answers and links to columns: read our super FAQ to see if your question is covered. If not, we’re always looking for new problems to solve! Email yours to [email protected] including screen captures as appropriate. Mac 911 can’t reply to—nor publish an answer to—every question, and we don’t provide direct troubleshooting advice.


Nipun “Javatinii” Java Clicks His Way to 2nd Bracelet of the Summer in $1,000 Event

Nipun Java


It didn’t take Nipun “Javatinii” Java days to win a World Series of Poker gold bracelet. No, it only took them a little more than half a day. Java took on a field of 951 players and emerged victorious after just 14 and a half hours. For his victory, he won $237,668 as well as his second World Series of Poker gold bracelet of the summer after coming out on top in the $1,000 Tag Team Event back in June together with Aditya Sushant.

It was with 20 players left that Java first made it onto the radar. He picked off a bluff from “topkoks”who was running extremely hot at the time, eliminating three players in the span of 20 minutes. Java made a call with just top pair to pick off “topkoks” all-in bluff shove on the river to become the chip leader with 20 left. From there it was easy riding for Java to make the final table.

Java exchanged the chip lead several times with “WhyTry” who ended up finishing in 11th place for $13,211. In one hand, Java flopped a full house and was able to get tons of value out of “WhyTry” to put a stranglehold on the top position. Java then eliminated “AznBlazer469” in 10th place to come to the final table in second place just behind Jason “jadedjason” James who eventually finished 2nd.

Java stayed mostly quiet for the final table, picking good spots and waiting to have the goods to get it in. He eliminated Sean “Hurricane27” Legendre in 7th place in a cooler spot where Legendre had kings and “Javatinii” was holding aces. Again, during four-handed play, Java called a shove from Evan “YUDUUUUUUUUU” Jarvis, when Java was holding kings and Jarvis was only holding nine-ten off. Java held up and took the chip lead with just three players left.

Heads-up play lasted for a while with James doubling up first by winning a coin flip with pocket eights against Java’s ace-ten, but Java doubled right back with ace five against James’ pocket queens after an ace hit the turn. The end of it all came when Java flopped two pair against James’s flush and straight draws. The turn and river bricked out and Nipun “Javatinii” Java was able to take down the tournament and the $237,668 first prize.

Place Player Name Country Prize (USD)
1 Nipun “Javatinii” Java United States $237,668
2 Jason “jadedjason” James Canada $146,202
3 Richard “jklolz” Tuhrin United States $103,326
4 Evan “YUDUUUUUUUUU” Jarvis Canada $73,911
5 Vinny “Mr_Sinister” Pahuja United States $53,595
6 Jeffrey “Jeffrey27rj” Turton United States $39,510
7 Sean “Hurricane27” Legendre United States $29,415
8 Steven “meditations” Enstine United States $22,185
9 Stanley “stanman420” Lee United States $17,075

That wraps up Event #71: $1,000 Online No-Limit Hold’em but Saturday marks the beginning of Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event – World Championship, and PokerNews will be here with coverage of it all, so don’t miss a thing.

WSOP Online Event

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Technology a ‘massive opportunity’ to save lives in every work place

Blerter founder Richard Gill says health and safety is becoming more important in low risk workplaces such as retail ...

Blerter founder Richard Gill says health and safety is becoming more important in low risk workplaces such as retail stores and corporate offices.

Apps, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics could prevent the disturbing number of deaths happening in workplaces due to staff complacency, the creator of an acclaimed solution says.

Founder of health and safety social app Blerter​, Richard Gill said employers needed to change their “19th century mindset” around health and safety compliance.

Technology was the answer, he said.

The Blerter app had not yet been put to the test by a major natural disaster, but its founder says its roll call feature ...


The Blerter app had not yet been put to the test by a major natural disaster, but its founder says its roll call feature helps managers find out if staff are in danger in the event of an earthquake.

According to Worksafe statistics, 28 people have died at work this year. Most of the deaths happened on farms, construction sites or in transport warehouses.

* Agriculture accounts for more than half of NZ workplace deaths
* Woman dead in workplace incident at poultry farm in Broadfield, Canterbury
* Man dies in Hamilton warehouse accident
* Man dies in workplace accident involving forklift in Penrose, Auckland

“We see a massive opportunity to move the dial on those statistics … Digital provides a way to make it [health and safety] personal,” Gill said.

Worksafe statistics suggest that Police and Work Safe vehicles are most present at agriculture and construction sites.


Worksafe statistics suggest that Police and Work Safe vehicles are most present at agriculture and construction sites.

He said lengthy paper processes to report potential safety hazards and near miss incidents prevented staff from filing reports and created a tick-the-box health and safety culture in all workplaces.

He said his app could drive a culture change in less dangerous workplaces such as retail stores and corporate offices, not just sites where staff work at great heights or operate heavy machinery.

His app’s blert feature allowed any full time or contracted staff to privately notify management of a health and safety risk or of an incident.

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, managers could use it to send a roll call to all of its staff.

Technology was cheaper too, meaning a faster return on investment, he said.

While it is not the most deadly industry, at least one person has died at a manufacturing site here every year since 2011.

New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association chief executive Dieter Adam said having robots carry out dangerous tasks near machinery in factories could also prevent future deaths.

Adam said IoT, machinery that is connected to the internet, was also a good solution because data could tell managers what the most dangerous hazards on their factory floor were.

A Worksafe spokesman disagreed that technology was the sole answer to preventing workplace deaths, but he said it did play a part in bettering health and safety overall, especially robotic automation.

The spokesman said technology was already improving safety in the forestry industry.


A political solution in Syria? How the latest ceasefire deal suits Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and Iran

Image result for A political solution in Syria? How the latest ceasefire deal suits Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and IranRussia hopes the “breakthrough” Syrian ceasefire it brokered this week will align the US with President Vladimir Putin’s plans for the war-torn country.

Details of the agreement between Putin and US President Donald Trump Friday to create a de-escalation zone in southwestern Syria remain under negotiation. But scepticism abounds on whether the plan to end a war that in which an estimated 470,000 people have died can succeed where others failed.

Yet something has changed, as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in his comments on the deal, which starts on Sunday with a preliminary ceasefire in areas along the Jordanian border.

Describing the deal with the US as a breakthrough, Putin said at a news conference in Hamburg Saturday that it should become a prototype for a series of zones across Syria that would be administered in coordination with the government in Damascus.

“If we succeed in doing this, we will create an undoubtedly good base and the prerequisites for a political solution in Syria in general,” he said.

Assad is going to retake most of Syria, and there is nothing the US can do about it

Although Putin and all sides are committed to Syria’s territorial unity, the plan would temporarily lead to something like Germany after the second world war, when the allied powers divided the country into four administrative zones, according to Fyodor Lukyanov, who leads Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defence Policy.

“This is the beginning of the soft partition of Syria,” he said. “De-escalation is a euphemism for zones of responsibility, where the different sides will agree which power is responsible for which part of the country.”

The outlines of the Russian proposal approved in Friday’s meeting between Trump and Putin were borrowed from talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey to create de-escalation areas in other parts of the country, Lukyanov said.

Taken together, the two plans represent the Russian military’s strategy for exiting the conflict, Lukyanov said.

They also show how the situation on the ground has transformed over the last year. Syria’s second city, Aleppo, fell back under regime control and the US-led campaign to drive Islamic State (IS) from its self-declared caliphate advanced significantly.

That has left the US with a decision to make on what to do once IS is defeated.

It can wrestle with Iran, Russia and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for control of recaptured areas of Syria.

Or it can declare mission accomplished, agree to oversee the security of zones near the borders with its core allies, Israel and Jordan, and leave most of Syria to Assad, said Joshua Landis, director of the Centre for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Both Russian and US Syria analysts believe Friday’s decision indicates the latter.

There is a new security architecture being imposed in the Middle East and Iran is the beneficiary

“Assad is going to retake most of Syria, and there is nothing the US can do about it,” Landis said. “There is a new security architecture being imposed in the Middle East and Iran is the beneficiary.”

Tillerson said clearly in his remarks after the Trump-Putin meeting that the Syria deal was a starting point for a wider cooperation with Russia after IS’s defeat. The issue then, he said, would be to pacify other areas of the country.

“By and large, our objectives are exactly the same. How we get there, we each have a view,” Tillerson said. “Maybe they’ve got the right approach and we’ve got the wrong approach.”

The agreement could fall apart quickly. The forces who are not party to the deal – including Assad’s forces, Iranian-led militias and al-Qaeda-linked rebels – exist on the ground in southern Syria as well in the North, where a ceasefire crafted by the Russians and the Americans last year collapsed within two weeks.

In addition, so far the only monitors on offer to police the de-escalation zone are Russian. How others might become involved and in what capacity is under negotiation, the State Department official said. The Russian view of how the zones will work is also minimalist and favourable to the Assad regime.


How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox

How to Block Pop-Ups in Firefox

Browsing on the Web on your phone or computer can become a fraught experience if you visit sites that throw a lot of pop-ups at you. It’s particularly bad on the mobile where it is hard to dismiss these. However, this is slowly becoming less of an issue, as most browsers now allow you to prevent pop-ups altogether. Firefox is the second-most popular desktop browser in India, and you can follow the below steps to block pop-ups with Firefox. We’ve also written about Chrome, UC Browser, and Opera, if you don’t use Firefox.

How to block pop-ups in Firefox (Windows/ macOS/ Linux)
If you’d like to block pop-ups on Firefox for desktop, follow these steps:

Open Firefox.
Click the hamburger menu button in the top-right corner, and choose Options.
Choose Content in the left-hand side.
Tick Block pop-up windows to block pop-ups, or untick to allow.
popup firefox pc Firefox popups

How to block pop-ups in Firefox (Android)
If you’d like to block pop-ups on Firefox for Android, follow these steps:
Open Firefox.
Type about:config in the address bar.
Search for dom.disable_open_during_load.
Set it to false to allow pop-ups, and true to block pop-ups.
How to block pop-ups in Firefox (iPhone/ iPad)
If you’d like to change the pop-up blocker setting on Firefox for iOS, follow these steps:

Open Firefox.
Tap the hamburger menu button at the bottom.
Swipe left, and then choose Settings.
Turn on the toggle for Block Pop-up Windows to block pop-ups, or turn it off to allow pop-ups.

popup firefox ios Firefox popups

Have you had any trouble with pop-ups on Firefox? Share your questions via the comments below.

For more tutorials, visit our How-To section.